Useful Links

vCO Team

A team of vCO experts and enthusiasts including VMware and non VMware consultants, system engineers, R&D engineers from all around the globe.


vCO Portal

Jörg Lew is a Consultant and Developer working for VMware with a focus is on Automation & Orchestration.


Mighty Virtualization

A blog by Christian Johannsen focusing on virtualization and automation focused blog. description and code examples for vCloud Automation Center, vCenter Orchestrator and many more. white paper and code snippet platform for virtualization environments.


Virtually Ghetto

A Virtualization blog by William Lam focusing on VMware Automation using various API/SDK/CLIs. In addition to automation topics, it also provides many tips and tricks for various products within the VMware vCloud Suite.


VMware vSphere Automation Blog


VMware vCenter Orchestrator Documentation


VMware vCenter Orchestrator Plug-Ins Documentation


VMware vCenter Orchestrator Community


VMware vCenter Orchestrator Blog

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