vCO Workflow Script to Add REST Operations for vCloud Application Director v6.0

Well VMware have finally released the long awaited successor to vFabric Application Director v5.2 and they have aptly renamed it to vCloud Application Director v6.0. This new release comes with a whole host of new possibilities for scripting using vCenter Orchestrator as it has an all new and expanded API which offers so much more functionality than its predecessor. As such I felt that it deserved not only a single blog post but a whole series of blog posts dedicated to using vCenter Orchestrator to automate vCloud Application Director v6.0.


Part 1 – Adding REST Hosts & REST Operations ( December 2013 )

Part 2 – Building a JSON Parser Utility ( January 2013 )

Part 3 – Heavy Lifting ( January 2013 )

Part 3 – Configuring vCloud Application Director v6.0 using vCenter Orchestrator ( January 2013 )

Part 4 – Putting it All Together ( February 2013 )

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